The first post office was established here is 1822.  At that time our “village” was called Loomis Corners in honor of Chester Loomis.  The name briefly was Center Square and then in December 1822 the name was changed to Central Square. The first Postmaster was Hastings Curtiss (Whom the Town of Hastings got its name from).  Mr. Curtiss had the first post office in a brick building in the center of town that he built.  Some of the following Postmaster were; Henry S. Conde, Daniel Owens, Barber Kenyon, Avery T. Low, James H. Wood, George Coville and Myron Coville.  In 1895 when Avery T. Low became Postmaster, the office was located in the “Brown Block” where about today the barber shop is.  For many years the post office was located in the Coville Brothers Store (Public Square Building today-2009).

In about 1912 Olin Cook became postmaster and the post office became third class. It had to move out of the store and so a small building was built on East Street next to Low’s Store. In 1913 parcel post began and again the post office space was outgrown.  This time the post office was moved into the Wightman-Penoyer Block (Near todays Dignity Plus parking lot-2009). In 1921 when the Wightman Penoyer block burned to the ground, post master Charles Beeby (1913-1922) moved the office to his home on Pleasant Avenue for a short time. The location of the post office continued to bounce around in the center of the village for many years. Most however will remember the office built by Carl Penoyer in 1961 on the corner of route 11 and county route 12 before the current building was built.

In 1939, Civil Service became effective in the Postal System. Up until this time, appointments of Postmaster were political. In 1939 after taking the examination, Mamie Crabtree was appointed Postmaster and served until her retirement in September 1958.

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