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Village of Central Square Comprehensive Plan


A comprehensive plan is a policy guide that sets forth directions for the future of a community. It is not a law or regulation but it is an official document that is adopted by the village board.  The plan is a guide for the long term development of our village.  Over time based on time and events it changes and is revised.

Central Square first published a Comprehensive Plan in 1959 (then called Progress Report 1959  The General Plan).

A comprehensive plan typically includes a statement of goals, followed by a discussion of how to achieve those goals (i.e. implementation). Goals are the broadest expression of a community's desires. Goals give direction to the plan as a whole. Goals are long-term aspirations and are used to describe a vision of a village’s future.

Besides providing a policy foundation, the Comprehensive Plan can be used as a tool to help obtain funding for a variety of projects. The Comprehensive Plan can also be used as a marketing tool to promote the assets of the village. The Comprehensive Plan also provides the foundation for any land use regulations the village may adopt in the future.


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