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(SOVAC) Ambulance

Founded in 1973


SOVAC SOUTHERN OSWEGO VOLUNTEER AMBULANCE CORP is the New York State Certified, Advanced Life Support Ambulance service in Central Square, NY

Street Address: 8 Gertrude Drive, Central Square
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 209 Central Square, NY 13036

Website: http://www.sovacems.org/

Telephone: (315) 676-5071 Fax: (315) 676-3295

Executive Director: Scott Clark       Assistant Director:
President:                   Vice President: Donna Britton
Elected position to Finance Committee:
Secretary: Rebecca Walsh
Board Members:  Rev. Bud Adams, Ken Parrotte, Randi Driesen, Sue Edee

Employees: Currently (2011) 24 Career Staff Members                               
Volunteers: Currently (2011) 42 Volunteers

History: The first SOVAC crew on duty started at 8am on Sunday July 1, 1973. The crew consisted of Dave Pratt, Assistant Director of Operations; Rolland Vollmer and Kathy Pratt a member of the Board of Directors. At that time their headquarters was the old railroad depot on Railroad Street in Central Square. They started with a red "loaner" ambulance until their lime green and white Chevy van arrived on July 3, 1973. SOVAC served at that time the communities of Hastings, Central Square and Caughdenoy. The operating expenses were $12,000 a year; they had 50 members and 345 calls. The membership dues were $15.00 a year. The headquarters remained in the depot for 18 years. By 1975 the average cost of a call was $23.00. IN 1990 they broke ground for their current home at 8 Gertrude Drive. On Saturday March 16, 1991 SOVAC held an open house and dedication ceremony. In 2006 they purchased the Central Square Grange 583 building to be used as a training center.