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NO court business can be done through email You must phone village court.

Administration Building
3125 East Avenue
Central Square , New York 13036-0509
Phone: (315) 668-2558
Fax: (315) 668-7037

Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

 Mayor   Ken Sherman 
 Village Clerk 
Peggy Walsh 
 Board of Trustees  Jim Turo 
   Randy House 
   Mudd Murphy 
   Heather Stevens 
 Planning Board 
Chair   Mary Ellen Commisso 
   Maggie Kirkby
   Zita Bookman 
   Craig Wilson 
 Zoning Board of Appeals 
 Chair   Jack Monica 
    Michael Sperling 
   Andy Smolnik
   Keith Lindstrom 
 Cemetery Commissioner   Bruce Meldrim 
 Code Enforcement/Building Inspector   Ed Cusado Jr. 
 Department of Public Works   Mike Avery 
 Chief of Police   Harland Fox Jr. 
 Justice   Michael Wildrick 
 Acting Deputy Justice   Mike Avery 
 Summer Recreation Director   Johanna Evans